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Test Flight Your Colours

With Our Maco Colour Selector Tool!

Select and test your favourite colours for Roof, Wall and Trim colours below. Plus, optionally select 3 additional colours for custom cupola colours.

Colour Selector Base Colour Selector Roof Selection Colour Selector Wall Selection Colour Selector Trim Selection Colour Selector Cupola Base Selection Colour Selector Cupola Louvre Selection Colour Selector Cupola Roof Selection

Main Colours

Roof colour: Charcoal
Wall colour: SlateBlue
Trim colour: StoneGrey

Cupola Colours

Select specific Cupola Colours for unique cupola colours

Roof Colours

Wall Colours

Trim Colours

Cupola Colours (optional)

Cupola Roof Colour

Cupola Louvres Colour

Cupola Base Colour

Reset Colours